These pages provide data as to which journals have traditionally published work (and generated citations) in a given research area, and how selective / accessible the journals are. Information of the latter kind can be obtained from the "general statistics" page, which reports some new indices I constructed from the rankings database. I imagine that this material is of practical interest to those with very limited experience in publishing, and perhaps of curiosity interest to others.

The rankings database is described elsewhere on this website. Briefly, it consists of EconLit entries from the period 1993-2003 and 63 journals. In the "general statistics" table, two additional journals (Computational Economics and the Journal of Economic Growth) appear which I could not use in the rankings since they are not included in the Kalaitzidakis et al. impact rankings. I am also not excluding any articles on any basis here; the total number of entries is about 65,000.

  General Statistics

Specific Research Areas:
1. Economic History & Thought
2. Econometrics
3. Microeconomic Theory
4. Labor & Consumer Economics
5. IO / Business Economics
6. Public Economics
7. Macroeconomics
8. Trade & Development
9. Financial Economics
10. Resource & Agricultural Econ.

Journal Comments / Data:
Academic Journals Feedback Project

How-To-Publish Guides:
Kwan Choi (Iowa State), "How To Publish In Top Journals"
John Creedy (Melbourne), "From Manuscript to Publication: A Brief Guide for Economists"
Daniel Hamermesh (Texas), "The Young Economist's Guide to Professional Etiquette"

Carsten Sorensen (LSE), "This Is Not An Article"

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