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Lecture Notes Online.



Selective listing of graduate-level course notes in all core disciplines.




Graduate Textbooks.



What first-year PhD students read, with comments.







Which journals publish what, plus statistics related to selectivity.







The rankings in 10 subdisciplines and 36 minor fields, as well as network rankings. See also:
- business research rankings at UT Dallas
- finance ranking at
Arizona State.
- flyout based ranking by TestMagic users




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Admission Guide.




Applying to economics PhD programs: what it takes, how it works, what to expect. Or start with Tony Williams's (JHU) recent observations.



Decision Tables.




Detailed applicant profiles and outcomes from 2002, 2003 and 2004, downloadable as a spreadsheet. Scott Barkowski’s (UCLA) page links to admission statistics some departments publicize. Whogotin, untitled at TestMagic, and Grad Café track ongoing admission activity.



Research Concentrations.




Primary areas of recent activity by department in a spreadsheet, assembled from the rankings database.



Discussion Boards.




The most active forum for econ applicants is testmagic (graduate admissions, PhD economics, PhD business). Auto Admit and Princeton Review are worth a look. For those on the job market, try econ job rumors.



Regarding e-mail:
The place for application-related questions is a discussion board. Clarification in regard to rankings can usually be found in the methodology section.

Advance apologies to the many friendly people who e-mail me with suggestions; I'm slow to respond nowadays. My research and the job market have priority.

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04/10: (TM) This site has moved from to! Thanks to all who have helped. Also, the site is now mantained by members of the TestMagic community, although don't expect many changes, at least not soon. Feel free to email if you have any suggestions, or do so at the TestMagic boards. The current administrator can be contacted at tm[dot]untitled^at^yahoo(dot)com

04/07: (CR) On a personal note, I’ve accepted a lectureship at the
University of Queensland. The department is less known internationally than my main competing offer, but hired outstanding senior professors in micro theory last year and is quickly becoming recognized as Australia’s top research department, certainly in micro theory.


I’m already teaching at UQ as of February, so even less time gets committed to maintaining But an update of the rankings is still on the cards for 2008, given the wide interest – I will seek funding to hire research assistants.


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